People frequently interchange the two terms but they are different. Interior Decorating is just that, it is decorating. It is about arranging objects and using color and accents to make a space visually appealing. Interior Design combines art and science. Interior Designers must have the technical knowledge to be able to create solutions for the space they are trying to design. In order to be a licensed interior designer you must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from an accredited school or university, you must have a designated amount of work experience and pass an entrance exam. In addition, annual continuing education classes are required to maintain the license.

A licensed interior designer has extensive training in the art and science of design. Licensed interior designers are required to adhere to state, federal and local codes. A licensed interior designer is educated and experienced about safety, accessibility, building codes, architectural elements, new materials and technology. Interior designers are required to take annual Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) to maintain their license. These classes keep them up to date on the most current trends and requirements. You will benefit from an experienced professional who can help you avoid costly mistakes. You will have a qualified liaison to work with architects, contractors and builders and you will have access to better resources which will ultimately result in creating your dream space.

At Waterside Interiors we start with a complimentary design consultation. The designer will meet with you in your space to determine your needs and the scope of your project. After the initial consultation, we will review the scope of services needed for the project and work out an individual compensation agreement. Ultimately working with an interior designer will save you money. The designer can help you avoid costly mistakes by putting together a design plan and help you make decisions that will increase the value of your home.

No, an experienced designer can help you with that. Most people don’t have just one style, they like features of many styles. The designer can help you combine elements of modern, transitional, traditional and coastal and come up with a cohesive design that meets your needs.

A lack of space planning is one of the biggest mistakes we see. Without the help of a designer, many things can be out of scale. Furniture can be too large or too small for a space. You can have too much in a space with not enough access. Rugs and lighting can be out of scale for your choices. These are all subtle things that an experienced designer can help you avoid. Color is another big mistake. Many colors “read” differently in a showroom than in your space. A designer can help you select compatible colors in flooring, tile, paint and fabrics that will result in a harmonious palette.

Design shows on TV are entertainment, not necessarily “reality” TV. Most shows do not depict a realistic view of the design process. They are fun to watch to get project ideas, but the time frames and budgets are often unrealistic. Much depends on the region of the country you live in. Frequently TV shows will receive perks from vendors to feature their products and the prices for products and services are not comparable to what you may see in your local area.

Comparing things on the internet can be tricky. First, you need to make sure you are comparing the exact same item, size, color, etc. Then you must wait for shipment, deal with any damages and problems, store all the merchandise and do the set up. They make it seem very easy on TV, but if you get a sofa and it’s damaged or the wrong color, sending it back can be a challenge. Using a design firm like Waterside Designs that offers white glove service takes all the stress out of that process for you.

White Glove Service means that Waterside Designs and your Interior Designer is in charge of the whole process. We work with you through the selection process and then we take it from there. We hire the professionals to complete any work that needs to be done such as painting, renovation or lighting installation. We receive, house, unpack and deliver the goods to your location and then we set up, hang pictures and arrange furniture and accessories so that you can have your own “big reveal” when you enter your dream space.

New Construction - If you are building a new home or working with a builder on a just built home, we can help you coordinate major elements such as flooring, tile, lighting and paint colors. In addition, we can recommend adding architectural details that will make your home unique. We work with you through the whole process, blueprints to reveal.

Model Merchandising - We frequently work with builders to help them achieve their vision and create models that will entice and inspire.

Custom Renovations and Re-Modeling - If you have been in your home for a while and love it, sometimes you need to hit the “refresh” button to update. We can help you do this in a cost-effective way by determining what changes you really need to make.