Our Interior Design Process

Interior Design is a creative profession, but it also involves a design process that involves many stages. Designers are problem solvers who create interiors that reflect the homeowner’s lifestyles, individual requirements and aesthetics. Waterside Interior’s designers use a practical approach to the design process which involves several stages. Each stage is a process of problem solving and solutions to suit the client’s individual needs. For over 34 years, this process has resulted in residential and commercial interior design that reflect the personal desires and need for each individual customer and makes the projects their own work of art.

Interior Design Process

The first phase is the Programming Phase where Waterside Interiors designers will conduct a client conference to determine the client’s overall scope of services. This initial meeting will discuss a series of questions and review the client’s lifestyle and establish aesthetic and budget goals to establish a design direction. The designer will review the plans and/or job site to see where improvements can be made or add a more functional solution to fulfill the needs of the client. If the project is new construction, it is preferred to get involved before the builder breaks ground but is not necessary. It is important to work closely with the contractor/architect to coordinate design elements and features which will impact the overall building process.

The second phase is Design Development which has 2 phases. The first phase is focused on the architectural elements of the project. Based on the programming phase and the information gathered at those meetings, the designer will do architectural drawings which include space planning, reflected ceiling plans, lighting and electrical plans, flooring and tile designs and feature wall elevations as well as kitchen and bath layouts as needed. Finish materials will also be selected for exterior including roof colors, pavers, pool tiles, door designs and paint colors. We will work with trade professionals to select and design kitchen cabinets and countertops, plumbing fixtures, lighting, flooring, door hardware and interior paint colors and finishes.

Design development continues to the second phase of Waterside’s process with the interior design process. During this phase, the designer will create an interior plan which will consist of furniture selections, custom design pieces or built ins, wallcoverings or custom wall finishes, decorative light fixtures, custom floor treatments or rugs, design and/or select window treatments and bedding, select and place accessories such as artwork, lamps, silk arrangements, plants and table top accessories and any embellishments which would add that special touch to a room. Proposals will be provided based on a previously discussed budget for approval from the client.

With the final design concept completed and approved, the final stage is the construction administration. During this phase the designer will be overseeing the project and visiting job sites during installation making sure all aspects of the design is being implemented. All interior finishes and furniture orders are placed and will be received at our warehouse where each item is inspected for damage and prepared for delivery. Once the building is completed by the contractor, Waterside Interiors will schedule and coordinate installation of window treatments, wallcoverings, built ins, furniture and accessories and lighting. The designer will conduct job site meetings with installers to ensure that installations are done as specified by the designer and the client. Our white glove delivery and set up is conducted to protect the client’s investment and take care of any problems that may arise.

Once the project is completed, our clients can be confident that their project was handled with the utmost professionalism and care in every detail. The design process can be overwhelming for most people and with the help of a licensed interior designer, that process can be much easier and avoid costly mistakes. The project will reflect the style and solutions that were developed in the initial phase of the project. Our award winning interiors reflect the quality and satisfaction of each project and set an example of excellence for the next project.